Self-Hosted Email, Part 2

Friday June 19, 2020 — oldfolio

In my last post, I speculated that my experiment with self-hosted email might be "just another leg of the journey in my restless migration from one host to another." One of the big appeals of self-hosting is the ability to look at server logs when diagnosing problems. The corresponding downside is that you need to be monitoring those server logs all the time. That is exactly the sort of tedious task that I would like to hand over to someone else.

In any case, I currently have my email hosted with Runbox, but I ran across a script by Luke Smith that sets up and configures an email server on Debian-based systems that is close to the way that I set up email servers manually for myself. So, I am thinking that if I am ever tempted to run my own email server in the future I should try the script. The script is elegant in its simplicity and has all the comments you need to understand what it is doing.

Tags: email