The Original Bashblog

Thursday July 9, 2020 — oldfolio

One more change to the blog: I originally started this blog simply in order to experiment with David Wallin’s revision of Carlos Fenollosa’s bashblog script. Wallin had wanted to add more features without undermining the simplicity of Fenollos’a original script. Both scripts are actively maintained, and both are great tools for creating simple, static blogs. I do not really need the extra features that Wallin wanted to introduce, and since I am always trying to “simplify, simplify” I decided to switch from using Wallin’s script to using Fenollosa’s script to generate this blog. At this point, though, there is not much difference. Fenollosa’s script is 1194 lines where Wallin’s is 1267 lines.

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Bashblog, Next Generation

Saturday December 7, 2019 — oldfolio

David Wallin has updated Carlos Fenollosa's bashblog script. For a blogging platform I always seem to go back to bashblog because I have never found any other platform that was simpler or more elegant. I am still trying to learn how Wallin's script differs from Fenolloa's.

What I would like to determine is how feasible it would be to use the script to generate non-blog static sites. Manually processing markdown files might be easier than trying to tweak the script, but tweakng the script is a learning opportunity even if it does not yield a static site maintenance tool that I can use.

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